Bombing outside Kabul’s main mosque leaves civilian casualties, Taliban says

A bombing outside Kabul’s main mosque has left Afghan civilian casualties, the Taliban says.

The explosion, at Eid Gah Mosque, is the first major attack in the city since the Islamic State targeted Kabul airport in August as thousands attempted to escape the country as it fell to the Taliban.

The airport attack in late August, which included two suicide bombings, killed 13 U.S. service members and some 170 Afghan civilians at the chaotic end of the U.S. withdrawal of troops after two decades in Afghanistan.

The 13 U.S. service members killed in the Kabul airport attack

Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of Taliban, told the Washington Post that “an unfortunate blast” occurred outside the gate of the mosque on the main Kabul Logar highway.

“We have launched our investigations to know the number of casualties, and nature of the blast.” “No casualties to the Mujahideen, but common people,” Karimi said. “We are investigating as how it happened and who did it.”

Zabihullah Mujajihd, acting deputy information minister and a key spokesman, confirmed that a blast had taken place at the mosque, where people had gathered at a memorial to honor his mother.

Mujajihd did not share more details of how many people were killed or wounded in the blast.

There has so far been no official claim of responsibility for the attack.

The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan, which opposes the Taliban, has in recent weeks claimed responsibility for a series of blasts in the country’s east.

Islamic State in Afghanistan claims responsibility for attacks targeting Taliban

The blasts were mostly around the city of Jalalabad – the capital of the eastern province of Nangahar and known as a stronghold for the Islamic State-Khorasan (ISIS-K). While both are Islamist groups, ISIS-K accuses the Taliban of not being extreme enough.

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