Delta COVID cases in UK up by 46% in past week

Delta COVID cases in UK up by 46% in past week :
The PHE has asserted that two doses of vaccine are still effective at providing protection against the risk of hospitalisation.
It added that there is currently no evidence that the new variant causes more severe disease or renders vaccines less effective, the report said.
Further, the PHE noted that of the 514 people hospitalised in England due to Covid in the week up to June 21, 304 were unvaccinated.
About 117 cases of deaths in England so far has been confirmed as having the Delta variant. Of these, eight were under the age of 50.
Six of these eight people were unvaccinated, while two died after more than 21 days of receiving the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, the report said.
“On Friday, 15,810 new cases and 18 deaths within 28 days of a positive test were reported across the UK,” the PHE said in a tweet.
While 43,877,861 people have now received the first dose of a Covid vaccine in the UK, 32,085,916 have received their second dose, it added.
The data suggests “we have begun to break the link between cases and hospitalisations”, Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, was quoted as saying.
She also warned against complacency and urged people to get vaccinated.
“While vaccines provide excellent protection, they do not provide total protection, so it is still as important as ever that we continue to exercise caution.
“Protect yourself and the people around you by working from home where possible, and by practising ‘hands, face, space, fresh air’ at all times,” Harries said.







“Protect yourself and the people around you by working from home where possible, and by practising ‘hands, face, space, fresh air’ at all times,” Harries said.

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