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2021 Austrian Grand Prix: Everything You Need to Know
Would you like to visit the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix as usually held in Spielberg, Austria, where the Red Bull Ring is located? Certainly, you do because the benefits are almost endless with our range of Ticket Packages. Besides, one can book VIP that implies personal interaction with some most-liked F1’s celebrities, a celebration at the Paddock Club, a tour around the racing track and plenty of extra rewards (a chance to make your photo at the podium, pit lane walks, etc.). Let’s look through some Ticket Packages in 2021.



















The first triple-header of the 2021 Formula One season comes to a close in the second of back-to-back races at Austria’s Red Bull Ring. Expect faster lap times and a closer field on an already short action-packed field as the track only gets quicker and the drivers more familiar with the Spielberg circuit.

As already mentioned, while Austria has hosted many F1 events in the past, it has been quite a while before the prestigious tournament was organized there. Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, Austria F1 teams featured consistently in the Formula One calendar at the Osterreichring but took a break before returning the sport back to the country, although this time, the venue is at the new-look Red Bull Ring.

Good news for F1 fans in Austria: Red Bull Ring, formerly the A1 Ring, is back in business for this year’s edition of the F1 Austria. The schedule has been altered slightly to ensure the event will happen in early July rather than late June, and F1 Red Bull tickets are already on sale. All you Austria F1 race junkies out there now have something to look forward to in the next couple of weeks and you need to prepare yourself for an explosive edition of the Red Bull Austria F1 event.
The German manufacturer has already elected to shift focus to the next set of regulations to be introduced in 2022, but will continue to bring aerodynamic and engine upgrades this year in its bid to close the gap to Red Bull.

As of now, Verstappen leads the championship by 18 points over Hamilton, while Red Bull holds a 36-point advantage in the constructors’ standings.
Unlocking the lap :
Turns Five, Six and Seven are navigated at high speed, with drivers often lifting rather than braking to maintain a higher average speed.
They exit the complex at over 275km/h (170mph), pulling high lateral g-forces, maximising the outside kerb of Turn Eight before a short straight plunges downhill.
Turns Nine and 10 arrive fast: they’re back-to-back right-handers where over-aggression can lead to invalidated lap times – or worse – for using the run-off.
It’s crucial to take the inside kerb at the final corner so a driver can return to the power swiftly for the start/finish straight.
Expect lap times to get progressively quicker across the two weekends as the track rubbers in. With consistent conditions, lap times should also significantly improve for the Austrian Grand Prix.

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