Committed to its responsible operation and the goal of sustainable hospitality, Mitsis Hotels Group announces the publication of the second edition of its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the year 2020.

The Report contains the sum of the Group’s CSR actions and environmental practices, at a time when tourism’s shift from quantity to quality and the need for the protection of the environment are more critical and relevant than ever.

The Group’s dedication to the principles of sustainability is reflected in the strengthening of its local communities, the ongoing support of volunteering and social activities, the protection of biodiversity in its 5 destinations, the minimisation of the environmental footprint of its 17 hotels and the development of its 3,500 employees.

The Report also presents the innovative COVID-19 Manual that the Group developed during 2020 and continues to implement for the protection of the health and safety of its visitors and employees, in response to the challenges the pandemic created.

“Progress is an intrinsic element in the DNA of Mitsis Hotels Group for over 45 years now. The recent unexpected coronavirus crisis has created a multidimensional impact on our operations, and we had to further evolve to achieve progress again. We are proud to offer a secure and safe environment to our guests and employees, providing high-quality services, remaining committed to our social responsibility and ensuring ethics and transparency in all our operations. Sustainability is a lever of growth and a key criterion for our competitiveness”, notes Stavros Mitsis, Managing Director of the Group.

For its continued sustainability efforts, Mitsis Hotels Group is recognised with several distinctions for its 17 hotels and resorts, including Blue Flag, Green Key, Travelife Gold Certification, ISO and Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2021.,50907261.html

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