the Pomurje region and the small towns of Rogatec,

A storm that raged in parts of eastern and northeastern Slovenia on Wednesday afternoon was hit by egg-sized hail, especially in the Pomurje region and the small towns of Rogatec, causing great damage.

Hail damaged about 100 cars and roofs in Rogatec, a town just a stone’s throw from Slovenia’s eastern border with Croatia. Logatec Mayor Martin Mikorich told STA Thursday that the damage would have been even greater without the local firefighters who did their best to cover the roof with protective foil.

He said hail affected crops and vineyards, but thankfully the building wasn’t flooded this time. Danijel Lež, head of Rogatec Voluntary Fire Brigade, told news portal that firefighters were working late into the night and were mobilized again today to help repair the roof.

Civil protection and disaster relief management said heavy rains, hail and strong wind storms struck eastern and northeastern Slovenia around 4:30 pm yesterday. A total of 40 fire brigades were deployed to deal with the consequences of the storm.

Approximately 100 incidents have been reported so far, most of which occur in the northeastern Pomulje region, where winds and storms hail, damage numerous roofs, flood basements and cut trees. Did. .. Many fire brigades have been deployed.

The area along the Murakawa River was the most damaged, and the fields, gardens and orchards were the most damaged. Metka Barbarič, Agriculture and Forestry Authority of Murska Sobota, said it was too early to estimate the full extent of the damage.

Crops nearing the end of the maturation process are more affected, but newly planted crops tend to recover well after such an event.

The maximum number of incidents was recorded in the city of Radenci. Radenci Mayor Roman Leljak estimates the damage there alone at around € 300,000.

Firefighters had to intervene in Gornyaradgona, where the local road was buried under a landslide. They also dealt with damaged roofs and flooded buildings and streets in several other places.

The hail that hit the area stagnated highway and road traffic, requiring the city of Lendaba to open a road of about 250 meters.

The weather will be bad for the next few days, and temperatures in Slovenia are expected to drop by 10 to 15 degrees Celsius over weekends. According to, the weather has cooled, but May of this year will be one of the three warmest records in most of Slovenia.

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