New DNA Research Shows Humans Did Not Cause Woolly Mammoths To Go Extinct – Climate Change Did

New DNA research shows the world got too wet for the giant animals to survive. For five million years, woolly mammoths roamed the earth until they vanished for good nearly 4,000 years ago – and scientists have finally proved why. Modern Arctic landscape. Credit: Inger Greve Alsos The hairy cousins of today’s elephants lived alongside early humans […]


Russia sees over 1,000 Covid deaths for sixth straight day

Covid-19 has infected more than 244 people and killed over 4.9M globally. Here are the virus-related developments for October 24. Medical specialists transport a patient outside a hospital for people infected with the coronavirus disease in Moscow, Russia October 13, 2021. (Reuters) Sunday, October 24, 2021 Russia adds 1,000 more fatalities Russia has reported additional […]


Russia, China hold naval manoeuvres in western Pacific Ocean

Beijing says the aim of the joint exercise was to further develop ‘China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership.’ Tsugaru Strait is regarded as international waters. (Reuters) Russian and Chinese warships held their first joint patrols in the western Pacific Ocean over the past week. […]


4 Reasons Americans Are Still Seeing Empty Shelves and Long Waits – With No End in Sight

Walk into any U.S. store these days and you’re likely to see empty shelves. Shortages of virtually every type of product – from toilet paper and sneakers to pickup trucks and chicken – are showing up across the country. Looking for a book, bicycle, baby crib, or boat? You may have to wait weeks or months longer than usual to get your […]


Evidence of a Giant Impact in Nearby Star System Stripping the Atmosphere From a Planet

oung planetary systems generally experience extreme growing pains, as infant bodies collide and fuse to form progressively larger planets. In our own solar system, the Earth and moon are thought to be products of this type of giant impact. Astronomers surmise that such smashups should be commonplace in early systems, but they have been difficult […]


More Likely To Relapse: E-Cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Stay off Cigarettes

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested that smokers who are unable to quit smoking may benefit by switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes if they switch completely and are able to avoid relapsing to cigarette smoking. However, there have been few studies on whether smokers are able to transition […]


AOC condemns Dem leaders for ignoring ‘very real’ threat of fascism

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How COVID-19 Social Distancing Creates Pedestrian “Traffic Jams”

Applying a “one-size-fits-all” policy recommendation to a complicated public sphere. Along with the use of face masks, social distancing in public remains one of the most practiced front-line defenses against the spread of COVID-19. However, flows of pedestrians, including those practicing the 6-foot rule for distancing, are dynamic and characterized by nuances not always carefully considered […]