Coronavirus latest news: UK will see Significant surge

The UK will see a “significant surge” in Covid-19 cases following the return of schools, but it is too early to say whether certain restrictions will need to be reintroduced, a leading scientist has said.

Professor Neil Ferguson, who was a leading figure in the Government’s original Covid response in early 2020, said if daily cases start going above 100,000 to 150,000 there will be “significant demands on the health system.









Prof Ferguson, from Imperial College London and a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said it will be for the Government to decide on potential measures.

He said: “We expect to see quite a significant surge in cases, to some extent in hospitalisations, but whether that’s going to require any rolling back of the relaxation of restrictions is too early to say. It really depends on the level of healthcare demand.”

He added that vaccination has changed the relationship between case numbers and hospitalisations – but surpassing 100,000 cases could lead to increased demand on the NHS and push the Government to decide “what the implications are for policy

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