Is the world still a big place? Time to adjust our perspective

SPICE OF LIFE: I don’t remember much of how we fared at the game but all of us felt a heightened sense of exhilaration
Our family get-together in the US couldn’t have come at a more perplexing time. On the one hand we were nearly smothered with warnings and admonitions about the dangers of going out and on the other hand the alluring words of persuasion urging us to board the flight. The nightmarish days of anxiety about Covid tests, results, immigration rules and arduous hours on the plane with double masks on were quite a walk on thorny path.








On reaching home, the warm hugs, squeals of animated laughter from the grandchildren felt as refreshing as would water on desert-parched lips. Then dawned the realisation that though we were braving pandemic fears and the lockdown rules stoically, somewhere in the subconscious we were gasping for normalcy.

We are a group of keen bridge players. During the pandemic, we discovered the wonders of technology as we switched over to online playing. We would log in at the same time and form a table of friends we wanted to play with. On reaching America while the body was still on India clock, I sent a message to three friends, one in London (also on a sojourn like us), another in Delhi and one in Jalandhar. We connected immediately and formed our foursome. What a euphoric experience! I don’t remember much of how we fared at the game but all of us felt a heightened sense of exhilaration. The unexpected connection traversing oceans and time zones left us on a high, unmeasured and unexplained.

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