Receiving the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, sending the first uncrewed Artemis mission around the Moon and back to Earth, sending NASA science and technology to the surface of the Moon on three missions with our commercial partners, and flying our first quiet, supersonic plane are just a few of the things NASA has planned for 2022.

Studying every phase of cosmic history

Leading humanity into the next era of exploration

This is NASA 2022

Explore Beyond

James Webb Space Telescope first light: Receive the first images from our new flagship astrophysics telescope

DART impact: Test our planetary defense capabilities

IXPE first light: Explore black holes and other cosmic objects in X-Ray light

Psyche launch: Send a spacecraft to a metal-rich asteroid

GUSTO launch: Study cosmic material with a balloon-carried telescope

At the Moon

Artemis I launch: Send the first uncrewed Artemis mission around the Moon and back to Earth

Intuitive Machines, Astrobotic: Send NASA payloads to the surface of the Moon with three commercial lunar missions

CAPSTONE launch: Check out a lunar orbit for future human exploration

Humans in Space

Set the American record for a single spaceflight with Mark Vande Hei

Maximize research aboard International Space Station

Enable low-Earth orbit economy: Test Boeing’s Starliner for regular crew missions

Enable low-Earth orbit economy: Fly Expedition Crews to and from station with SpaceX

Enable low-Earth orbit economy: Launch our first private astronaut mission to station with Axiom Space

Space Technology

Low-Earth Orbit Flight Test of an Inflatable Decelerator: Demonstrate a new type of heat shield for atmospheric re-entry

Advanced Composite Solar Sail System: Deploy an apartment-sized solar sail from a CubeSat

Laser Communications Relay Demonstration first light: Test communications technology to send and receive data from space using lasers

Deep Space Optical Communications launch: Test communications technology to send and receive data from space using lasers

Future of Flight

X-59 QueSST first flight: Fly our first quiet, supersonic plane

X-57 Maxwell first flight: Test fly our first all-electric plane

Our Earth

SWOT launch: Evaluate the world’s oceans and their role in climate change

TEMPO launch: Measure the pollution of North America

TROPICS launch: Provide improved, rapid measurements of tropical cyclones

EMIT launch: Learn how mineral dust affects human health and the heating and cooling of Earth

Earth System Observatory: Plan a new set of missions that will guide efforts related to…

Earth System Observatory: …climate change, disaster mitigation, fighting forest fires, and improving real-time agricultural processes

The future is now

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